Google title, description & keyword tool

Add a page title less than 55 characters. If the counter goes into plus figures then your title is too long and you need to reduce your text until you hit the magic zero or less. Note: Google no longer adheres to 55 characters as they now base it on available space.

Characters: -55

Create a page description less than 160 characters, preferably split into two equal length sentences, although not vital. If the counter goes past zero then you've too many characters and Google will likely truncate your description, which won't look as neat in search results.

Characters: -160

Choose 4-8 keywords and/or keyphrases that best suit your web page. To add a keyphrase i.e. character counter simply add a hyphen between the words so it becomes character-counter. This will then be correctly formatted on output. Note: Google places zero emphasis on keywords at this time, but it can't hurt to include them anyway.

Keywords: 0

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